Fish Kits


Created by Former Cadets

In the past, parents have shared hardships of meeting the demand of the Corps of Cadet Shopping list. Items rarity or prices created confusion and disarray among the cadets. No one wants to send their student into the Corps of Cadets not being prepared and having adequate supplies. 

That is where we come in. Three of the four owners are former cadets from Company E-1 and one owner is an Aggie Mom who sent all three sons through the Corps of Cadets. We take out the guess work and stressful hunting, by building your cadet a kit or package that will best suit their needs in their first year. We are also the largest cadet supply store for the Corps of Cadets.

Our Heart and Prayers are with your sons and daughters during this exciting and new adventure. YOU HAVE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

Important Dates

Website open for taking orders: May 5th

Deadline for all orders (website or written): August 1st**

** This is a hard Deadline and no exceptions will be made.

Click : Freshman Brochure

**Note: Regular Sales, Coupons, or offers do not apply to the Freshmen Kits. Our team has already brought you a rock bottom price that is very competitive. 

***Note: Please use a Computer to make order, there have been some compatibility issues with mobile devices such as ipads and smart phones.




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