Corps Family

Howdy Cadets and Parents,


            My name is Clayton Salome, class of 2010, Company E-1. My brothers Cameron ’07 Company E-1, and Chandler Salome ’09 Company E-1, and I would like to welcome you to the Aggie Family but more importantly to the Corps of Cadets family. The Corps is a special tradition at Texas A&M like no other and the next four years you will be the guardians of the traditions at A&M. You will meet 15-25 new faces your first day in the Corps and those faces will be next to you through some of the most trying times in the Corps but more importantly they will be your brothers and sisters for life. There is a saying in the Corps that “Your buddies will marry you and bury you”, and in our experience as former Cadets a truer statement has never been made. So welcome to the Corps and be prepared to take the next step in life, becoming the man or women you will be for the rest of your life.

            To the parents I have this message, your son and daughter will not be the same person you are dropping off for FOW by the time it is finished in a week and a half. They will be something better, and more refined. Don’t be surprised if they start using “yes ma’am” and “no sir” around you a lot more. I know our mother was surprised and at the same time grateful. The Corps is meant to take the person your son or daughter used to be, and mold them into the perfect Cadet and the shining example of what a Fightin’ Texas Aggie is all about. Over the course of their fish year they will meet many obstacles and trying situations that will prepare them for the obstacles that life has in store for them. My only advice to you when these situations arise is support them because they will need it. Remember that the Corps is not for everyone but your son or daughter has already made the hardest choice thus far, and that is saying “yes” to join the Corps. Support them through the hard times and they will appreciate it for years to come. The Corps is like no experience in this world and the memories they will build during their time in the Corps will last a lifetime, from the moment of their first March-In to their last Final Review in their Senior Boots. Thank you again for allowing your son or daughter to attend Texas A&M University and join “the best damn outfit in the world, The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets.”


Thanks and Gig ‘Em,

Clayton Salome ’10                            Chandler Salome ’09                          Cameron Salome ‘07

Company E-1                                      Company E-1                                      Company E-1

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